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Vol. 35, No. 3Unity Church–Unitarian - November 2011

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Black Friday at Church
Feeding the Spirit on the Feast Day of Consumption:
Deeper Thanks, Deeper Giving
Friday, November 25 2011 • 10:00 a.m. until 12:15 p.m.

Unity Church-Unitarian

Unity Church’s fourth annual “Black Friday at Unity Church” offers an opportunity
to launch the Advent and Christmas season with spiritual renewal, fellowship, and
good cheer, instead of habitual consumerism. Sometimes called “the holiest of
shopping days,” Black Friday is no longer just a feast day of consumption. This year
we explore meanings of gratitude and giving with our theme Deeper Thanks, Deeper
Giving; musical guests Light of the Moon; and special guest speaker Dane Smith,
a member of Unity Church and president of Growth & Justice, a progressive think
tank committed to making Minnesota's economy simultaneously more prosperous
and fair.

Join fellow Unity Church members, families, and neighbors on the Friday morning
after Thanksgiving (known as Black Friday in the consumer world) in a worship service
featuring cultural critique, spiritual depth, conversation, children’s participation,
wonderful music, and some fun. After the service, we’ll share fellowship, warm drinks
and conversation in the Parish Hall and, for those who would like, an opportunity
to join in a reflective conversation about the service, what Advent might look like
from a UU perspective, the opportunities to be found in the Christmas season, and
how we might make changes in our own lives. Activities for children and families,
and child care will be provided.

We invite you to share your thoughts in advance of the service so that we may
include some of them in the Collage of Voices in the service. If the the Black Friday
theme evokes a response, if the words Deeper Thanks, Deeper Giving remind you
of a time when you were moved to a new or deeper kind of gratitude in your life,
or a renewed understanding of what it means to give, please share your thoughts in
writing with us. E-mail your writing to Laura Schlatter at
by November 11, 2011.